Introduction of Hair Accessories
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 Introduction of Hair Accessories(图1)

Hair ropes include hair ropes, hair loops, rubber bands, hair bundles,scrunchies etc.


Hair comb is also called insert comb. Including crowns and other similar headdresses with clips and teeth.


Hairpins are also called hairpins, hairpins, and sticks. One or two needles are mostly used for pan heads.


Card issuance

Issuing cards is also called headbands and hairbands. The large semi-circular circle is stuck behind the ear on both sides, and there are clips of cloth or plastic material that hold the hair into a bundle horizontally.


Needle-billed clips include duckbill clips, crane beak clips, alligator clips, tiger clips, shark clips, etc. The clip that is inserted into the hair is getting thinner and thinner. There are large and small clips.


Hair accessories BB clip is also called water drop clip and frog clip. It is usually made of small clips that are stuck on the sides or front of the hair. The one that is close to the hair is the thin steel ring stuck in the hair. The surface is made of rhinestones or other cosmetics. There are also a pair of hair claws with larger claws that hold the hair. The clip is divided into side claws, full claws (the claw clip is made of alloy material and acrylic material, the large claw clip is suitable for coiling hair. The small claw clip can be used as a top clip, that is, when the hair is covered, a small part of the hair is clamped .)


Hair band: a circle with a large semicircle shape, with both sides stuck behind the ears, made of fabric or plastic materials, also called headbands, hairpins


Every people need hair accessories, this was invented thousands of years ago, and now people are creating more and more exquisite hair accessories, they are suitable for men and women, suitable for adults, and more suitable for children. Of course, the ones who like them most are elder girls and little girls. .